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Welcome to the Redesign Everything Challenge!

With this global design competition, we are seeking creative solutions to address the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to a fair and circular future. Changemakers everywhere are invited to submit ideas to radically redesign the world we live in — our products, materials, stories, systems, services and spaces — through a circular and regenerative lens.

If it sounds like we’re asking to redesign absolutely everything, that’s because we are. With so much at stake, nothing less will do. Can your innovation drive this change?



Since 2015, we’ve partnered with organisations like IKEA Foundation to launch global challenges around different societal issues, from clean energy and circularity to the health and wellbeing of refugees. In that time, we’ve learned that many of the problems we currently face are deeply interconnected, whether we are talking about plastic waste in Kenya or the housing crisis in the Netherlands. It follows then, that the best solutions are too.

That is why this year, we’re throwing the door wide open and launching our most expansive challenge yet, all made possible thanks to the support of our partners, our main partner IKEA Foundation and our global strategic partners Secrid, Nationale Postcode Loterij, ClickNL and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for circular, regenerative and inclusive solutions; and for the transformative, disruptive, and healing power of design.


We are looking for creative climate solutions across five main disciplines: products, materials, communications, spaces and systems & services. This includes new ideas and existing enterprises for how we might transform our societies along with our industries: from food, fashion and packaging, to mobility, electronics, digital services and construction. While we ask you to position your ideas within these disciplines, your submission can take on any form. Maybe it’s a new circular material, or a digital service that makes recycling easy. Maybe it’s the beginning of a movement, or a campaign to shift cultural values and attitudes. Every effort counts, and every degree of change matters.


The catagories


Know a great project that fits the brief?


At the end of the open call, a minimum of 10 winning teams will be selected according to four key criteria: impact, design and creativity, feasibility and scalability, and the strength of your team and network. The award package includes access to an accelerator programme designed to bring your ideas to the next level.

Win funding for your idea

At least 10 winning teams will receive €5.000 each to invest in their projects.

One of the Make it Circular Challenge winners Alterist Marketplace not only changed their whole impact model due to the training they received with us, but also managed to realise their first partnership thanks to the prize money.

Join the WDCD Accelerator

Winners will enter a dedicated accelerator programme to bring their projects to the next level.

Our accelerator programme helped No Waste Challenge winner Omiflo  redefine their value proposition and offers; bringing the start-up more clients and opportunities for funding.

Grow your audience

Gain valuable publicity through our international network of media partners.

Our nominees and winners have been featured in more than 250 publications on the world’s biggest design platforms such as DesignBoom, Dezeen, and Frame, reaching a total of 16.2 million impressions.

Take part in our boot camp

Winners will join their cohort in a week-long boot camp in Amsterdam. 

To kickstart the programme, winners will meet with industry experts and join tailored masterclasses to gain new perspectives on design and circularity. Most importantly, you’ll meet the other winners and build up a long-lasting community. Take a look at our previous boot camp here.

Find mentors in your field

Get support from curated professionals with a wide range of design and business expertise.

We’ll match each winner with a top-notch mentor based on their personal and professional needs. Previous mentors include Bert van Son (founder of Mud Jeans) and Marije Vogelzang (visionary designer and food pioneer.) Check out last year’s list of mentors here.


Winners get the chance to pitch their projects to thousands of decision-makers at a WDCD Live event.

Every year, WDCD hosts festivals in design capitals around the world. Here, Challenge winners get the platform to share their ideas with potential partners and investors. Last year’s winners pitched in Amsterdam and in Mexico City.


Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs develop their ideas into thriving start-ups and businesses. Taking part in the Redesign Everything Challenge means you’ll be joining this growing network of dedicated changemakers.

7618 participants in total
62+ startups accelerated since 2015
95% of startups gained new knowledge or skills to the programme
26 million+ total investments raised


Open Call

17 January – 13 March

Creatives everywhere are invited to submit their ideas through the Redesign Everything Challenge platform.


March – April

Our selection committee will decide on a shortlist of nominees, to be announced in April.


April – May

Our international jury will decide on at least 10 winners from around the world, to be announced in May.



Winning teams will meet in Amsterdam for a week-long bootcamp and pitch their solution at the WDCD Live event.


Sept - Dec

Winning teams enter a dedicated accelerator programme to strengthen and scale their impact.

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Redesign Everything is our fifth Climate Action Challenge in partnership with IKEA Foundation. For more information about What Design Can Do and our previous challenges please visit

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