The winners of the Redesign Everything Challenge were selected by an international jury of leading experts in circular design, climate action and entrepreneurship. 

Through several rounds of lively discussions and in-depth evaluations, the jury awarded a total of 11 winners from around the world according to four key criteria: impact, design and creativity, feasibility and scalability, and the strength of their team and network. Keep scrolling to learn more about the 10 members of this year’s panel. 

René van Geer - SECRID

René van Geer, an industrial designer, is the co-founder of SECRID, along with his wife Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt, a fashion designer. From 1989 to 2008, they operated a design studio, creating hundreds of product designs for international clients involved in medical equipment, telecom, consumer electronics, kitchen machines, child safety seats, furniture, etc. Working for these markets, René has worked in numerous factories in Asia and Europe. This experience helped him develop a holistic approach to the design process. Since its launch in 2009, SECRID has chosen to manufacture all products as locally as possible, which means ‘made in Holland’ or as close as possible. SECRID is proud to have been a B-corp since 2021.

Aidee Olmos - HSBC

Aidee Olmos is the Head of Corporate Sustainability Mexico & LAM at HSBC. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector in human resources, audit, corresponding banking/ FIG, Credit, and Global Banking (Locals and Multinationals). Aidee has held different roles within the finance sector, starting from Scotiabank Mexico, Santander México, and, since 2012, HSBC. Besides these roles, she is Co-President of Chapter Zero México, the Mexican chapter of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative.

Daniel Freitag - Freitag

Daniel Freitag is an employer, provider of ideas, bag maker, re-contextualiser of truck tarpaulin, designer, founder, developer, representative, occasional dilettante, as well as cyclist, father and climber. In 1993 there weren’t any messenger bags for sale in Swiss shops, and so he and his brother Markus decided to make them themselves. In 2003 the TOP CAT model was included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). The FREITAG lab. ag based in Zurich is still owned by the Freitag brothers and runs 29 FREITAG Stores world-wide.

Kigge Hvid - Melting Pot Foundation, The Index Project, Lauritzen Fonden

In 2001, Kigge Mai Hvid founded INDEX: Award, the world’s largest award for sustainable design. After 17 years as CEO, she left the organization and is now a professional board member and advisor to companies, nonprofits, and governments in Denmark and abroad. She is also an artist working in her studio in Copenhagen. Her competencies lie within contemporary leadership, global challenges, sustainability, and design thinking. Her network and experience are strong and global. Her passions include art, biodiversity, beauty, the natural world, cooperation, and development. Kigge inspires, acts, and does.

Viveca Chan - WE Marketing Group

Viveca is the founder of WE Marketing Group and former Chairman & CEO of Grey Global Group Greater China. Viveca is the Vice Chairman of HK Design Center, Board member of HK Productivity Council, BOD of Worldwide Partners Inc, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Management Association and Vice Chairman of IECIA. She received over 50 personal awards including “Top 10 Most Influential Advertising Person in China’s 40 years of Advertising”,  “Marketing Hall of Fame” from HK Institute of Marketing. She has been invited as keynote speaker around the world and is Judging Chairman for leading marketing and digital awards in China.

Sunny Dolat - Nest Collective

Sunny Dolat is a fashion curator, creative director, and producer of international arts and culture projects. He was a key member of the curatorial team behind the landmark “Africa Fashion” exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The exhibition explored the global impact of the diverse fashion scenes found across the African continent, spanning designers and creatives. With a background in styling and photography, Dolat co-founded the Nest Collective, a creative and intellectual group working in an interdisciplinary manner across film, music, fashion, the visual arts, and literature, in 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is based. In 2016, he authored “Not African Enough,” a thought-provoking book.

Emy Bensdorp - Claybens

Emy Bensdorp is a designer/entrepreneur who operates at the intersection of design and science, aiming to create sustainable solutions. She holds degrees in psychology (BSc, MSc) and design (BA). In 2020, Emy developed a method for cleaning toxic PFAS chemicals from our environment. By heating PFAS-contaminated clay soils, the chemicals are broken down while simultaneously creating construction bricks. To further develop these bricks, Emy founded her company, Claybens. With her design approach, Emy aims to create socially and environmentally impactful work.

Marieke Rodenhuis - Nationale Postcode Loterij

Marieke Rodenhuis is the head of the charity department  at the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The Postcode Lottery Group is an international company with a social purpose, bringing together business and ideals. It initiates and operates charity lotteries with a mission to contribute to a better world for people and planet and is currently active in The Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. Postcode Lottery Group believes that the world benefits from strong social organizations and organizes its lotteries to raise flexible funding for a wide range of charitable organizations. Before joining the Postcode Lottery Group, Marieke worked for several NGO’s in the Netherlands and abroad, working on issues like fair trade, entrepreneurship and sustainable farming.

Henrique Bezerra - Global Methane Hub

Henrique Bezerra is the Regional Lead of Latin America at the Global Methane Hub. He has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector in market and regulatory intelligence, government relations, environmental advocacy and social environmental safeguards in nine different countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. More recently, he joined the Climate Champions Team to mitigate methane emissions from fossil fuels.

Pepijn Zurburg - What Design Can Do

Pepijn Zurburg is a designer and art director. During his studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts and Sandberg Institute, Pepijn met Richard van der Laken. Together, they founded renowned visual design agency De Designpolitie, graphic design collective Gorilla, and What Design Can Do. Their work has won numerous awards, and features in the permanent collection of galleries such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and MoMa New York. Working with partners and clients from KPN to Frascati Theatre, and many more. Pepijn is responsible for leadership and strategy, branding, and visual communication for everything What Design Can Do. A true all round designer with a strong hands-on approach.

Challenge Timeline

Open Call

17 January – 20 March

Creatives everywhere are invited to submit their ideas through the Redesign Everything Challenge platform.


March – April

Our selection committee decides on a shortlist of nominees.


April – May

Our international jury decides on at least 10 winners from around the world.



Winning teams will meet in Amsterdam for a week-long design sprint and pitch their solution at the WDCD Live event.


Sept - Dec

Winning teams enter a dedicated accelerator programme to strengthen and scale their impact.


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