Reforestation initiative with biodegradable urns that turn ashes into plants, advocating for sustainable farewell and emotional closure.

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At Afterleaf Eco we stand at the forefront of a revolution. A revolution that seeks to transform the funeral industry, not just for today, but for generations to come. Cutting down trees to varnish them with chemicals, which go to the underground where we get our food, stopped making sense a long time ago. We have to fulfill our cycle as a species and nourish the earth. We refuse to let traditional practices harm our planet. We aim to change the funeral industry by offering biodegradable urns that allow ashes to nurture plant growth, providing an environmentally conscious and emotionally meaningful way to honor the lives of both pets and humans, while advocating for sustainable practices and collaborative efforts to create green spaces in cemeteries and rewrite the narrative of farewell. It’s time to embrace a future where every goodbye is a celebration of life and a commitment to the planet.

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