Find Inner peace, peace for one another and peace with nature

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BLOOM! Platform for PEACE: In order to redesign everything a bigger picture is needed. We collectively have to change and share our beliefs and values in order to find peace at heart, peace for one another and peace with nature.

How can we reach inner peace and from there peace with nature and peace for all? BLOOM! is an inspiring platform where we collect new symbols and stories of PEACE. And with peace comes love, hope, joy, life, beauty, faith, compassion, strength, etc. It is a platform where people are inspired to upload their personal and spiritual symbols and stories and share and discuss PEACE.

Symbols have always played an important role in human communication, representing ideas, beliefs, and values. In the realm of peace, symbols have become powerful tools for expressing the desire for harmony, unity, and non-violence. These symbols transcend language barriers and cultural differences, and serve as universal icons of hope and understanding. Symbols can be graphical representations but symbols can be inspiring leaders and everyday people as well.

Storytelling: At the heart of storytelling are the values we live and share. For millenniums, humans have told stories to connect, relate and weave imaginative truths that enable us to see one another more clearly with compassion and courage. Finding empathy is a difficult challenge but also the most human of the reasons we tell stories. < Amanda Gorman >

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