Feeding bacteria with fruit waste to cultivate Celium™, a premium customisable cellulose bio-textile that can be produced at scale

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Celium™by Polybion is a revolutionary biomaterial crafted from agro-industrial fruit waste, embodying a sustainable shift from traditional resource extraction to regenerative cultivation. By harnessing the power of bacteria to convert leftover fruit into Premium Cultivated Cellulose, Polybion™ not only addresses environmental issues like livestock farming, food waste, and plastic pollution but also pioneers a circular, eco-friendly manufacturing model. Launched through FOAK I, the first bacterial cellulose production facility, Celium™ promises scalability with minimal infrastructure, leveraging existing fermentation technology to produce a versatile, vegan, and organic textile. Customisable in colour, texture, and water resistance, each piece of Celium™ is as unique as a fingerprint, offering a luxurious, sustainable alternative for the future. This innovation reflects Polybion™’s commitment to using biology as a tool for global challenges, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable, circular economy.

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