FIG is a startup specializing in the regeneration of textile waste using mycelium to repurpose materials, remake garments, or decompose them safely in

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The founder of FIG, Helena Elston, worked in the NYC fashion industry where developed a strong aversion to the immense waste the industry was manufacturing. She moved to London where she received her Masters degree in textile design from The Royal College of Art, and then managed her own regenerative design studio. Her five years in the UK allowed her the space to investigate ecology and mycology to innovate our understanding of textile waste.

Fungal-Integrated Garments is a four year project that has been at the foundation of an entrepreneurial vision. This studio is a material research based practice investigating the interconnection of waste, ecology and fashion. It explores the up-cycling of textile waste combined with mycelial growth.

This is a series of wearable and sustainable designs made from local waste products like discarded textiles, garments and coffee sacks, which are manipulated through a unique mycelium process. The mycelial grown pieces range from complete garment decomposition, appliqué on waste garments, and seaming alternatives for thread. These designs reflect innovative ways in which we alter fast fashion and safely decompose textiles, one of our biggest waste products.

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