Biopressed and Compostable Packaging from natural waste - A peel is the fundamental packaging of life and there is where we want to return.

Giving tree a second life

Ceiling tiles and panels once being made from wood pulp /deforestation processes are redesigned, now being made from waste paper to preserve forest


Using biotechnology to create organic textile material from biowaste with minimum necessities,expenses, pollution for a sustainable textile industry.

The Statiegeldbak

A new urban icon: The Statiegeldbak. Make waste a shared cause!

Hotel’s Waste into Uniforms

We empower sustainability in hospitality by upcycling hotel sheets into stylish uniforms, setting a new environmental responsibility standard.


Functional Design - Sustainable Fashion

I was once a cassava

We are developers of an innovative technology for the clean manufacturing of 100% biodegradable and compostable biopackaging made from cassava

Negro Neón

Negro Neón: Sustainable, recycled plastic jewelry and everyday objects, infusing contemporary design with environmental consciousness.

For the Sea

A takeaway chips tray made out of carbon capturing materials to counter ocean acidification at an individual scale.

Binn Waste Management Systems

Binn is a holistic waste management system project, designed to shift the culture of consumption and waste disposal across households in South Africa.

Solo Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging designed from dried palm leaves