Eau de Toilet

Eau de Toilet with treated sewage water


Modular hydroponic garden, utilizing FDM technology and hydroponics for growing crops efficiently and sustainably at home

Waste To Fungi Material

We created a modular mycelium products which is easy to be stacked for various application including furniture, partition, and structural

Sonke - SunQueen Refill Machine

Sonke Automated Refill Station

Sonke Retail is a start-up providing automated refill stations for FMCG products, reducing waste and saving costs for the poorest African communities.

Le Joyau d'Olive Georgy Rahayel

Liquid soap without packaging

Liquid soap filling machine at checkout allows customers to choose among multiple all natural biodegradable soaps to fill reusable containers

Building Back Greener

Empowering crisis-affected youths in Mezam Division of Cameroon (60% females, 40% male) to become solar energy installation and maintenance technician


It is a small desktop device for recycling paper to the 3D Shape (Works with USB) The Environment and Arts as part of Sustainability

Plastic Paving stones

We collect plastic waste from the streets through our waste subscriber's scheme, sort, preprocess, and recycle them into paving stones.

Cozy Cleo - Design Table Lamp

Cozy Cleo

Circular Design Table Lamp - made from recycled materials

PlasFuel Initiative

"Transforming plastic waste into clean cooking fuel using innovative technology for environmental sustainability and economic empowerment in Uganda