Lab & Fabric of circular design for sustainable cities

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Long description

Recybloq is an start up founded in mexico city after a the big earthquake on 2017 reusing, and recycling the spares of buildings on the streets for reconstruction of buildings, creating a block of recycled concrete with a unique and innovator design for a better use (winner Design Week Mexico/ WDC 2018). After a couple of years, exploring, researching and looking for an others uses and applications for the recycled concrete,  we found the way to improve de texture, color, and resistance, now recybloq, have a family of objects on sell for cities like, urban furniture, different kinds of finishes for interiors and exteriors, floors, facades etc. always with a sustainable vision.

Recybloq wants to looking-for new materials, exploring with cities residues and generate new offers of construction materials with low carbon foot print, less water and pushing to big companies to change the way of production, demostrating with facts.

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