Restoring coastal areas with growable, modular, bio-cement reef structures as a cleaner and more durable alternative to industrial cement

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Reef Rocket by ReefCycle is a bio-cement structure that mimics the naturally occurring oyster reefs that protect shorelines from flooding, filter seawater and promote biodiversity. Nature has the unique capacity to grow durable material without polluting its surrounding environment. Reefs grow to withstand extreme wave energy and corrosive water for hundreds of years. Reef Rocket by ReefCycle has developed biologically-grown cement-like material that mimics the chemical structure of reefs, re-growing vital material in days that take millennia to form in nature. The production process combines plant-based enzymes with crushed waste, like culinary shells and glass, to grow a mineral glue that binds waste material together. Harnessing nature to repurpose discard into durable “cements” locally without burning fossil fuels, this process fosters a bio-circular and localised economy. Reef Rocket by ReefCycle provides a cheaper, cleaner and more durable alternative to industrial cement while aiding local efforts to restore nature-as-resilient-infrastructure for global impact.

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